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Mindful Miracle is a non-profit mixed age group preschool dedicated to helping raise happy, resilient, and emotionally nurtured children.  


Our Mission

To provide a safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally nurturing environment for our students to aid them in becoming active and present participants in our society.

Our Philosophy

Mindful Miracle is a play-based early learning program focused on empowering our next generation with the core fundamentals of mindfulness.

Our Infant & Toddler program follows the teachings of the RIE (Resources for Infant ‘Educarers’) philosophy while our Preschool program follows the “Learn through Play” developmental curriculum approach.



In addition to the RIE Philosophy, we also believe in introducing mindfulness into our classrooms at this early stage in life.

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating present moment awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations by integrating our breathing, stretching, and focusing on relaxation techniques into their daily schedule.

By doing this, children will develop emotional resilience and self-regulation skills which promote a calmer and more engaged classroom environment.

Please submit your waitlist application via the link below.


A waitlist fee of $60 paid-in-cash must be submitted in-person within 24 hours of waitlist submission. In the event payment is not received & confirmed, your waitlist application will be voided.

Contact us directly at hello@mindfulmiracle.com.


“Learn Through Play” Philosophy

Children develop self-motivation and the ability to make their own choices through play and investigational experiences. Through this curriculum children will learn to balance individual freedom with social co-operation, negotiation and, responsibility for the welfare of others.

Children will develop the ability to reflect and learn from their successes and their own mistakes. This in turn will build courage and confidence in themselves as learners.

Developmental Curriculum takes the children’s interests and uses them as the predominant means for their lessons and learning experiences. Mindful Miracle staff is trained to observe the children in their care while learning individual interests to shape their lesson planning.

This method of teaching ensures all children have equal opportunity to learn happily and successfully while also creatively challenging and encouraging them to explore their true interests.


Infant-Toddler RIE Philosophy

The RIE Philosophy is respect for and trust in the infant to be an initiator, an explorer, and, a self learner.

At Mindful Miracle we strive to support this philosophy by providing an environment for our infants and toddlers that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.

Our staff is trained to allow our children time for uninterrupted play and the freedom to explore and interact with the other children enrolled. All children are active participants in their daily routine rather than passive recipients.

Staff is also trained to step back an observe the children in their care whenever possible in order to understand his or her individual needs.

discipline approach

Our discipline approach is a combination of redirection and mindfulness. Helping to raise happy, compassionate, and responsible children requires both love and limits.

With both redirection and mindful discipline practices we use 5 essential elements for children to thrive:

  1. Unconditional love

  2. Space for individual growth

  3. Mentorship

  4. Healthy boundaries

  5. Learning and growth opportunities


Our staff is thoroughly trained on setting limits with love, working with difficult emotions, and forgiveness through compassion.

This relationship-centered approach is designed to support the children we care for by developing emotional intelligence, self-discipline and resilience qualities we believe all children need for living an authentic and meaningful life.


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